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One of the most beautiful aspects of the United States is that it is a wide land filled with many amazing places to roam. You could drive for thousands of miles through open plains, rocky mountains, and bustling cities. This is why for many Americans, a car symbolizes true independence. Not only is it the way that we all commute to work or buy our groceries, but it gives us the freedom and liberty to pursue our goals as we please.

This is why the threat of repossession is such a terrible one – it does not only cost you your automobile which you have been earning through hard labor, but it completely infringes on your rights of independence, and your ability to survive by transporting yourself wherever you need to go. When creditors are threatening to seize your car, you must immediately contact our repossession lawyers in Knoxville. Your inability to pay a debt for a car loan is often due to emergency circumstances you could not help. The Law Offices Of Mayer & Newton is here to tell you that even if repossession creditors have been hassling you for your car and are ready to take it from you tomorrow, there is still hope.

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Preventing Repossession

One of the key steps to avoiding the consequences of repossession is halting it before it even begins.

Depending on whether this is your first installment delinquency or not, there are different options to take, including:

  • Quickly communicate with your lender to arrange an informal repayment plan, if this is your first missed payment. You will also tend to have a longer grace period, sometimes up to two months, before your car is repossessed.
  • Immediately contact a knowledgeable repossession lawyer if you have had more than one delinquency. Financing companies act quickly after the first default, some even seize automobiles after a payment is only a few days late.

Vehicle Repossession Laws in Tennessee

Under Tennessee law, lenders are not required to have a court order or notify you when repossessing your vehicle. They have the right to repossess your car at any time if you are behind on payments. However, lenders are not allowed to repossess a vehicle if doing so breaches the peace.

Breaching the peace means that lenders are prohibited from:

  • Physically forcing you out of the car in order to repossess it
  • Threatening bodily harm during a repossession
  • Entering your home without permission to gain access to your vehicle

An automobile company’s right to “self-help” as a defense against installment defaults can only go so far. The company has absolutely no right to disturb the peace by using forceful or even violent means to seize your car from where it is parked. They certainly cannot physically remove you, so you must let us know if you have been a victim of this case of outrageous behavior.

Our firm can prevent repossession, and we can possibly help you if you call us as soon as possible following an actual repossession.

Getting Your Auto Back through Bankruptcy after Repossession

Once your truck or car has already been taken by the repossession agency, there is still hope, but you need to act fast. Your lender is required to send you a letter, which states you can get your vehicle back if you pay off the entire debt in ten days, along with some extra fees. Otherwise, the creditor will sell your car at an auction for a far smaller price than what it is worth. They can then even sue you to make you pay the balance of the car's original value.

In order to avoid these severe consequences, you should immediately file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan with your trusty legal representative. Not only does this create an automatic stay, meaning that the creditor must immediately cease in any repossession attempts, but this gives time for our specialists at The Law Offices Of Mayer & Newton to make a case that your automobile must be given back to you without further disciplinary action. Our reliable repossession attorneys in Knoxville can also help you so that your repayment plan is reorganized to better distribute your funds over a period of time.

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