The Winter Holidays are Quickly Approaching

It’s time to start planning for your holiday budget! Sit down with your spouse or your entire family and go over the holiday plan. Here are some tips for dealing with this overwhelming time:

1. Prepare a budget and don’t deviate. It’s easy to get caught up in the season and overspend, so make sure to plan ahead. Take a look at last year’s spending. Where do you see problems? Travel? Gifts? Parties? Create categories and decide how much is allowed for each. Making a budget early in the season can help you avoid any unplanned expenses and added stress. Don’t let money issues ruin this holiday season!

2. Be creative. Plan a ‘Secret Santa’ for your family. That way, everyone can focus on one great gift instead of feeling overwhelmed in getting gifts for each family member. Consider making gifts instead of buying them. Everyone loves receiving a gift that comes from the heart!

3. Don’t overextend your family with travel. Make smart decisions ahead of time to avoid physical, emotional and financial exhaustion. Use your budget to determine travel plans – it’s a great way to get out of visiting EVERY relative this season.

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