A Message from Richard Mayer

Every day I meet with people who are drowning in debt. The situations are always the same: their home is about to be foreclosed on, their car has been or is going to be repossessed; or their creditors are harassing them to the point where it is affecting their daily life. The stress from the overwhelming financial burden can lead to drastic measures. People often:

  1. Borrow against the equity in their home.
  2. Fall for a debt management scam.
  3. Take out several loans (that they can’t pay back, continuing the downward spiral into debt).
  4. Borrow money from family and friends.

These actions can lead to dire consequences such as:  health issues resulting from the high amount of stress debt can cause; marital problems, and lower self-esteem/shame.  Feeling ashamed is one of the number one reasons people don’t want to file bankruptcy. Well let me put it bluntly.  You shouldn’t be ashamed to file bankruptcy. It is a responsible FINANCIAL decision.

Many times when people figure out that they have passed the point of no return, they try to protect their assets. This, in many cases, can come back to haunt them.  People try to:

  1. Sign a car over to a friend or family member.
  2. Pay back loans from family and friends.
  3. Drain their bank accounts and store the money away.
  4. Transfer the deed to property to family or friends.

Bankruptcy is a complicated in-depth process.  That is why I recommend you visit our office for a free consultation before you make any of those mistakes. We will answer your questions and give you options you didn’t know you had.   If you are contemplating bankruptcy or you are drowning in debt, we can prepare you for the road ahead… or the road to financial recovery.

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