Client Testimonial

Bankruptcy is the last choice that anyone wants to find themselves facing. Especially when your debts mounted up due to medical bills and the loss of your home and  all your possessions due to having been in a hurricane where you lost everything you owned.  It was, for me, a combination of sleepless nights and undue stress and bankruptcy was not an option as I was raised to pay my bills and do so with integrity and honor.  When I found myself having to declare Chapter 13, it was not without sleepless nights, stress and a vast amount of regret and embarrassment.  I was overwhelmed with feelings that I couldn’t even pinpoint other than to acknowledge that my financial situation had gone from bad to worse and although I knew that Bankruptcy would provide me with an opportunity to rebuild my life and my credit, seeing an attorney was fraught with embarrassment for me as in my mind, I had failed. That all changed when I went to Mayer and Newton. From the moment I walked in, I felt as if I had come home – to a place where there was kindness, compassion, understanding and help.  The speed at which Mayer and Newton addressed everything was unbelievable and within just a matter of a few days, it was done and I now find myself free to rebuild my life, regain my integrity when it comes to financial commitments and not have to worry that I’ve let everyone, and more importantly myself, down.  Thank you to Lori, Debbie, Vanessa, Ellen and everyone in your office who works so hard to ensure that dignity and hope are not lost.  To your attorneys, my gratitude for helping me to get back on track and more importantly, for your ensuring that I would be fine and that my future will be filled with goodness and hope.  To say that I am grateful for all that your firm has done would be an understatement.  I would, and do, recommend Mayer and Newton to anyone and everyone who – like me – wants to make things right and wants to do so with a clear head, a clear heart and unending hope for the future!  Thank you for being the people that you are and for being as gracious and as experienced as you all are.  Mayer and Newton is, without a doubt, the best of the best … and then some.  With deepest and most sincere gratitude!

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