Arkansas Football Coach Facing Bankruptcy

John L. Smith the Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks has had to file bankruptcy due to real estate development gone bad.

The coach believed as many that real estate development was the safest bet for investment.

Smith states, ” there have been some sleepless nights trying to get this resolved” but he says, ” enough is enough and i want it cleaned up and whatever I have to do to get a clean slate, that is what I will do.

He took over this year after being the assistant for 3 years under Petrino who was fired after he was accused of giving his mistress a position in the athletic department.  Smith had a stint at Weber State his alma mater prior to being hired at Arkansas.

He was upfront with athletic director Jeff Long.  He was the right man for the job and although his past issues won’t effect his ability to coach the Razorbacks we appreciate his transparency about the problems.

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