Why Choose a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney?

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney is an important decision when considering your financial future.  Picking one at random is a bad idea.  You want to make certain that you take the correct steps and that you have the appropriate care along the way. 

At Mayer and Newton partners Richard Mayer and John Newton are board certified specialists in bankruptcy law. What does this title mean?  The title of a board certified specialist is provided by the American Board of Certification onlly to a small percentage of attorneys.  An attorney must devote a significant portion of his or her practice to bankruptcy.  A test must be passed to demonstrate depth of knowledge in this area of law, in addition to other stringent criteria.  In other words a certified bankruptcy attorney knows their stuff!!!

With more that 60 years of bankruptcy experience and the title of board certified specialists on our side, we understand the nuances of bankruptcy .  Our attorneys know that ever case is different.  We start by getting to know you and your situation. 

If challenges arise along the way, the fact that we have been doing this so long and have depth of knowledge on the topic is proven by our title means we can overcome any challenge.  Be confident in knowing that nothing will stand between us and our goal of making you debt free.

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